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5 easy phrases for giving or receiving directions in Spanish

5 easy phrases for giving or receiving directions in Spanish

If you have travelled before to Mexico or another Latin American country or Spain, chances are you had probably found yourself in a situation where, after asking a local person for directions, e.g: “dónde está el restaurante del hotel?”, you are just bombarded by words coming out of his/her mouth in their response to your question and you have no clue what they just said.

Below we will learn to say and recognize a few key phrases that will be handy on your next trip.

  1. Doble a la derecha = turn right
  2. Doble a la izquierda = turn left
  3. Siga derecho = Keep going straight
  4. Camine 2 cuadras = walk for two blocks
  5. Al fondo = At the end

Now, let’s put them into context…

USTED: Perdón señor, ¿Sabe dónde está la joyería?

SEÑOR: Sí, siga derecho hasta la iglesia, luego doble a la izquierda y camine dos cuadras, luego doble a la derecha y al fondo de la calle está la joyería.

USTED: Gracias.

SEÑOR: De nada.

Comprendes? Let’s just take a look at the translation to make sure you got all that…

YOU: Excuse me sir, do you know where the jewelry store is?

SIR: Yes, keep going straight up to the church, then turn left and walk for two blocks, then turn right and at the end of the street is the jewelry store.

YOU: Thanks.

SIR: You’re welcome.

By Guillermo Benavides

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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