Eco-Adventure in Spanish-speaking Countries!

Hola! This week, explore the breathtaking natural landscapes of Spanish-speaking countries and learn how to discuss environmental conservation in Spanish. Spotlight on Patagonia (Argentina & Chile) Discover the majestic Patagonia, a region known for its rugged beauty and diverse ecosystems. Use this topic to discuss environmental issues with, “¿Qué acciones crees que son necesarias para conservar lugares como Patagonia?” (What […]

Spanish Music and Language!

Hola! Experience the rhythm of Spanish through music this week. From flamenco to reggaeton, learn how different genres can help you improve your Spanish listening and speaking skills. Flamenco Fusion: Rosalía (Spain) Listen to Rosalía, who blends traditional flamenco with contemporary sounds. Discuss her innovative style with, “¿Cómo crees que Rosalía ha cambiado el flamenco?” (How do you think Rosalía […]

Festivals of the Spanish World!

Hola! This week, let’s celebrate the diverse festivals of the Spanish-speaking world, which offer a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the culture and language. Festival Highlight: La Tomatina (Spain) Participate in La Tomatina, an annual tomato fight that paints the town red in Buñol. Discuss the festival’s origins with, “¿Conoces la historia de La Tomatina?” (Do you know the […]