Festivals of the Spanish World!


This week, let’s celebrate the diverse festivals of the Spanish-speaking world, which offer a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the culture and language.

Festival Highlight: La Tomatina (Spain)

Participate in La Tomatina, an annual tomato fight that paints the town red in Buñol. Discuss the festival’s origins with, “¿Conoces la historia de La Tomatina?” (Do you know the history of La Tomatina?).

Carnival in Latin America: Carnaval (Brazil)

Though not Spanish-speaking, Brazil’s Carnaval is influential across Latin America. Explore its impact and ask, “¿Cómo influye el Carnaval brasileño en las celebraciones de tu país?” (How does the Brazilian Carnival influence celebrations in your country?).

These festivals are not just fun but are gateways to deeper cultural understanding and language practice. ¡A disfrutar!

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